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Brand Story

MUKZIN was established in 2014. As Kate Han graduated, she encountered George Feng with a similar background of studying abroad. Both well-versed in the essence of Western art and fashion, as well struggling with the indifference to the traditional culture among domestic youngsters, they clicked right sway and soon became partners.

"Mukzin" in Chinese means "The Secret Fan". Fan is a highly decorative and desired object among the higher classes. Its purpose is different since they are more cumbersome to carry around. They were mostly used to shield the lady's face against the glare of the sun or the fire.

Standing on a pan-Asia perspective and following the consumption trend “Oriental Fever”, they deconstruct the majestic and myriad Chinese traditional culture, via original modern costume design, and bring about a neo-orientalist aesthetic language in a brand-new dimension.


Designer Introduction

Han Wen

Born in Dalian and graduated from Leeds University Art School in UK. MUKZIN was established In 2014 by Han. She deconstructs the majestic and myriad Chinese traditional culture via original modern costume design and bring about a neo-orientalist aesthetic language in a brand new dimension. Since founding MUKZIN, Han has been invited to join in the opening show of Shanghai Fashion Week for three consecutive years. In 2017, Han won the Pioneer Designer Award from the Asian Fashion Federation. Han launched MUKZIN 2018 AW collection “Jade in the Shadow” series in Paris and gained extensive attention from the fashion industry. In June 2018, Han was listed as one of the 18 Chinese designers of the year by VOGUE CHINA. Han ’s designs embody the “traditional yet rebellious” spirits. Han and her brand MUKZIN are the representatives of the contemporary oriental aesthetics. 


Collection Introduction

- Jade In The Shadow 

Under the Oriental system of “Rather have no force than being devoid of the spirit of Xia,” the physical force martial arts has always regarded as an aid to the righteous people as their fundamental mission. In the Fall/Winter 2018, Kate Han, chief designer of MUKZIN gathered a Wulin (a term used in fictions and media to describe the community of martial artists) event on the theme of “Woman Xia (a title of legendary female with both chivalrous spirits and Kung Fu, who are not frail beauties lamenting in boudoirs in most Chinese beauty-and-hero romances).” In regardless of the boundaries among cultures and spaces, this event aimed to dispel the fallacy and misunderstanding over the Xia culture in the past century, and establish the voice of fashion from the Orient in the name of Chinese Women Xia’s revolutionary spirits. The corresponding English title of this theme is “Jade in The Shadow”: Jade, or jadeite, is the name of the Woman Xia; Shadow means the silhouette, their figurative hidden identity in the community of Wulin. The image of Woman Xia’s shadow accompanied by her sword aims to insinuate a traditionally biased concept of Xia – only on martial arts. And another image of Woman Xia with her sword hidden behind performs as a frank illustration of the veiled Orient Xia spirit after accomplishing the mission of “sacrifice for the sake of others.”

- Chaos of Mountains and Seas 

On October 13, 2017, MUKZIN depicted a “mind map” cross time, space and cognition on the subject of “chaos of mountains and seas” at the Fashion Week A Venue in Xintiandi, Shanghai. MUKZIN built up an expedition that pierced mists of history and shuttled between two parallel universes: the world of Classic of Mountains and Seas and the Jurassic to explore sources of the ancient Chinese’s imagination from a childhood’s perspectives and to regain awe and worship of nature. “Chaos” means abundance and diversity in archaic Chinese and hence reflects the bizarre and motley fantasy about the nature that the ancient Chinese nourished in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. “Chaos” also refers to the confusion of multidimensional space and the overlap of time. MUKZIN presented unique stage settings, performances and model makeups for this show. Renowned artists were also invited to create posters, videos, music and derivative products for the collection. Over 700 guests from the fashion industry embarked on the wonderful adventure with MUKZIN’s “chaos of mountains and seas” expedition.


-The Theater of Mao’er

MUKZIN has been committed to recovering the order of history, influencing modern lives, and creating possibilities through the media of costumes. MUKZIN’s exploration of the balance of “Ying and Yang” in traditional Chinese culture finally rested on the “role of dan,” a performance art of male playing female roles in the Peking opera. The collection of MUKZIN uncovered the lost history behind “Mao’er Opera”, the female opera performance, and found solutions for future women. Inspired by renowned “roles of dan” created by the Peking opera master Mei Lanfang, specifically his roles in Farewell to My Concubine, Mu Guiying Takes Command, Dragon and Phoenix, the Drunken Concubine and the Five-flower Cave, MUKZIN restructured traditional Peking opera costumes and absorbed elements from the “Mao’er Opera” to present unique female images in the collection with special contours, structures and elements.


- Go Catchy Chaw-Chaw

The “Man Han Quant Xi” rooted in modern people’s common experience is actually an imagined banquet, a wholly non-existent one. It is like a disassembled community, as it is distributed into different times and various recipes – it is fake and dishonest, but also with a pretending seriousness. MUKZIN set a theme of “Go Catchy Chaw-Chaw” as a metaphor for the free choice in modern commercial society, as the blending of two cultures of the Man and Han ethnics in history. The combination of food from different regions, time and cultures was transformed into patterns of widely different styles. With the pioneering garment clipping, MUKZIN presented a reopening of the banquet and a reborn in costume design – a “Man Han Quan Xi” as MUKZIN understood, as well as the Chinese myth behind it.



Crossover Collaboration


1. Universal Studios

Special collaboration capsule series

Baroque pearl backlaces inspired by spines of dinosaurs

Pterosaur handmade embroidered patches

Invitation and derivative products

Safari shirts and expedition emblems inspired by the film Jurassic Park

Bone-shaped 3D printing metal accessories

Special collaboration capsule series with Universal Studios (2018)

MUKZIN worked together with Universal Studios, overcoming restriction of time, space and culture. The balance and mismatch between man and nature in both the Jurassic World and Classic of Mountains and Seas were further imagined and probed. With costume design as the medium, Eastern and Western contemplation constitutes a world where imagination boundlessly extends, and awe and worship toward the nature that man holds in the childhood retrieves. MUKZIN abstracted key design elements from the film Jurassic Park and blended into the fashion design, presenting high quality costume design, manufacturing techniques and derivative product design


2.The Secrets of Grotesque

Special collaboration capsule series with the British Museum

The exclusive collar label MUKZIN designed for the British Museum

Special collaboration capsule series with the British Museum: The Secrets of Grotesque (2017)

In 2017, MUKZIN was invited by the British Museum for the museum’s first crossover project in China. Painting of beasts from the Mughal Empire and dry-point etchings of Netherlandish painters held by the British Museum inspired MUKZIN to depict images of western beasts from an oriental perspective. MUKZIN’s collaboration series of the secrets of grotesque presented a combination of eastern and western cultures that crossed time and space.


3. Special collaboration capsule series with the Van Gogh Museum

Special collaboration capsule series with the Van Gogh Museum (2016)

In 2016, MUKZIN was invited by the Van Gogh Museum for the museum’s first crossover project in China. Inspire by 15 masterpieces of Van Gogh, MUKZIN unveiled a series featuring both the art and fashion. The first collection is held in the Van Gogh Museum and has widely won praises from celebrities in China and overseas.


4.Wu Jian’an & ARTPLUS

The “Monkey King Fears Nothing” special collaboration capsule series

The “Monkey King Fears Nothing Gown”  MUKZIN × Wu Jian’an × ARTPLUS  

Design manuscripts and exclusive gift boxes

MUKZIN worked closely with the leader in the art industry, ARTPLUS, to launch the special crossover series for the year of monkey. The series was inspired by the paper-cutting work of “Monkey King” created by the renowned artist, Wu Jian’an. The player spirit of “nothing is taboo” contained in the series made it a huge heat among art and fashion KOLs, and enabled it to be displayed at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.


5. Maybelline New York fashion week special collaboration series

In 2017, MUKZIN was invited by Maybelline to design a crossover “Oyster Box” clutch for Maybelline’s newest color sensational shine compulsion lipstick series. Taking Maybelline’s logo “Make it Happen” as the core message for design, and applying the design philosophy of “visual feast”, MUKZIN combined the elements of neon colors with Chinese embroidery. The 800 limited edition clutches soon became chic items among celebrities and KOLs in China and abroad.



6. CAISSA Touristic Collaborative products

Special collaboration capsule series with CAISSA Touristic

In 2016 and 2017, MUKZIN was invested by CAISSA Touristic to design and upgrade touristic derivative products for the listed company. MUKZIN absorbed elements from reality shows to design derivative products for trips to Japan and the Bali Island. The collaboration series included suitcases, pouches, cushion sets and so on. In the meantime, MUKZIN worked together with the world leading recycle bag manufacturer LOQI to launch the crossover “Chinese spring roll bag”. The crossover series with CAISSA Touristic is available in 200 CAISSA Touristic retail stores nationwide as well as on all the sales channels of MUKZIN. The sales volume of seven suitcases in the crossover series has totalled over 10,000.