The Mystery of Aesthetics Originated from the Orient


The name of MUKZIN is inspired by “mysterious fan”that brings luck in oriental legend. It’s established in 2014 by Kate Han and George Feng.

Based on a pan-Asia perspective, integrating traditional handcrafts with unconventional modern design, they interpreted the majestic and myriad oriental culture and brought about a new oriental aesthetic language in a brand-new dimension through the medium of design.


From 2018 to 2020, MUKZIN successively attended the four major international fashion weeks in Paris, London, Milan and New York, and was invited to participate in the design exhibition held at the MAXXI .

Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. The design works of MUKZIN have been published in《VOGUE》,《BAZAAR》,《ELLE》,《L’OFFICIEL》and other global fashion medias for many times. And MUKZIN was appraised as "Oriental Symbol" by 《ELLE Italy》.

Intangible Cultural Heritage &Guinan Embroidery

In 2021, MUKZIN team went in Qinghai, and integrated intangible cultural heritage handcraft "Guinan Embroidery" of snowy plateau into fashion.Inspired by traditional hair ornaments “Jialong” of Qinghai girls, which has the cultural intention of inheritance spirit , MUKZIN intangible cultural heritage collection was compatible with contemporary design aesthetics while retaining the traditional craftsmanship, and had a timeless charm of inheritance .

Intangible Cultural Heritage & Hami Embroidery

In 2016, MUKZIN team went in Hami to set up a workshop, integrating Hami Embroidery originated during the reign of Emperor Kangxi into the design, and putting the collection on the brand’s fashion show.While helping local embroiderers to get a better income, MUKZIN made this little-known ancient craft known to the world again.


MUKZIN x Universal Picture

MUKZIN, in collaboration with Universal Picture, by connecting the two parallel worlds of "The Classic of Mountains and Seas" and Jurassic, launched Chaos of Mountains and Seas collection and released them on the show of 2017 Shanghai Fashion Week.


The design works of MUKZIN were exhibited in MAXXI National Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.


MUKZIN, in collaboration with Belgian brand KIPLING, launched the Oriental City Collection, which were performed on the JIALONG show in S/S 2021 Shanghai Fashion Week.

Fashion Week

A/W 2017- The Theatre of Mao’er 

Shanghai Fashion Week

In A/W 2017, MUKZIN intended to explore the real attitude of traditional culture towards the attributes of "Yin and Yang". Inspired by renowned “roles of dan” created by the Peking opera master Mei Lanfang, specifically his roles in Farewell to My Concubine, MuGuiying Takes Command, Dragon and Phoenix, the Drunken Concubine and the Five-flower Cave, MUKZIN restructured traditional Peking opera costumes and absorbed elements from the “Mao’er Opera” to present unique female images in the collection with special contours, structures and elements.

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