Mukzin Runway Show


19SS Runway


On September 13, 2018,

Mukzin was invited as the opening catwalk brand to participate in the official schedule of London Fashion Week with the theme of “DAAN”. Kate Han, the chief designer of Mukzin, anchored her observations on the outer packaging of Hong Kong's old Chinese patent medicines, recreating the unique design symbols and the imprint of the times that were born in the 19th century but are now neglected and forgotten.


18SS Runway

"Chaos of Mountains and Seas"

On October 13, 2017, MUKZIN depicted a “mind map” cross time, space and cognition on the subject of “chaos of mountains and seas” at the Fashion Week A Venue in Xintiandi, Shanghai. MUKZIN built up an expedition that pierced mists of history and shuttled between two parallel universes: the world of Classic of Mountains and Seas and the Jurassic to explore sources of the ancient Chinese’s imagination from a childhood’s perspectives and to regain awe and worship of nature. “Chaos” means abundance and diversity in archaic Chinese and hence reflects the bizarre and motley fantasy about the nature that the ancient Chinese nourished in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. “Chaos” also refers to the confusion of multidimensional space and the overlap of time. MUKZIN presented unique stage settings, performances and model makeups for this show. Renowned artists were also invited to create posters, videos, music and derivative products for the collection. Over 700 guests from the fashion industry embarked on the wonderful adventure with MUKZIN’s “chaos of mountains and seas” expedition.


18AW Runway 

"Jade In The Shadow"

Under the Oriental system of “Rather have no force than being devoid of the spirit of Xia,” the physical force martial arts has always regarded as an aid to the righteous people as their fundamental mission. In the Fall/Winter 2018, Kate Han, chief designer of MUKZIN gathered a Wulin (a term used in fictions and media to describe the community of martial artists) event on the theme of “Woman Xia (a title of legendary female with both chivalrous spirits and Kung Fu, who are not frail beauties lamenting in boudoirs in most Chinese beauty-and-hero romances).” In regardless of the boundaries among cultures and spaces, this event aimed to dispel the fallacy and misunderstanding over the Xia culture in the past century, and establish the voice of fashion from the Orient in the name of Chinese Women Xia’s revolutionary spirits. The corresponding English title of this theme is “Jade in The Shadow”: Jade, or jadeite, is the name of the Woman Xia; Shadow means the silhouette, their figurative hidden identity in the community of Wulin. The image of Woman Xia’s shadow accompanied by her sword aims to insinuate a traditionally biased concept of Xia – only on martial arts. And another image of Woman Xia with her sword hidden behind performs as a frank illustration of the veiled Orient Xia spirit after accomplishing the mission of “sacrifice for the sake of others.”\