Established in 2014, the brand MUKZIN is looking into unconventional modern costume following consumption trend “Oriental Fever” from a pan-Asia perspective.

The founder, Kate Han and George Feng, deconstructed the majestic and myriad Chinese traditional culture and brought about a revolution of orientalism aesthetic in a brand-new dimension.

This is a brand that perfectly combines Chinese culture with modern fashion.Moreover, it will affect different levels of consumer groups. Young consumers will be interested in Chinese culture because they like these clothes.

MUKZIN - Concept Store of Moon Gate

There are some hidden secrets in the space design. When entering the store through the narrow passage at the entrance, just as described in《The Peach Colony》: At first the opening was very narrow, barely wide enough for one person to go in. After dozens of steps, it opened into a flood of light.

The design of the store door is inspired by the Moon Gate in Chinese garden. It’s shaped like a full moon which is introverted and reasonable. Under the cover of the virtual reality, it achieves wonderful artistic beauty, so it is named Moon Gate.

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